Tony Khan Got ChatGPT To Write An Episode Of AEW Dynamite... It Didn't Go Down Well

Tony Khan used ChatGPT to write an episode of AEW Dynamite

There have been several fans over the last few years who have made comments on the fast-paced nature of AEW Dynamite, with Tony Khan’s booking managing to fit a lot into a two-hour time slot. However, when Tony Khan got the ChatGPT AI to write an episode of his show, it went even more overboard with trying to fit stuff in. 

AEW’s owner spoke with CNBC and was asked about using an AI to book shows and write promos, to which Khan didn’t call it an impossibility, but revealed that his experience of using it didn’t go down too well, and that it has a long way to go. 

“One thing about them is they take criticism and feedback very well. Because when I first messed around with ChatGPT and asked it about okay give me your best version of an AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite. First of all, it has limited knowledge of world events since 2021. So, it's presentation of AEW for those people that have messed around with it, then you found that it was really looking at AEW from a couple of years, one thing was giving it an updated roster. Another thing I thought was interesting was asking to write a 10 segment wrestling show with 9 breaks that is 2 hours long.”

Khan went on to compare ChatGPT to how a human would book a wrestling show for the first time, trying to cram as much in as possible without thinking about pacing. Khan revealed that he did train the AI a little, with it taking on board criticism, but ultimately downplayed its usefulness in this sense.


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Written by Andrew Kelly