AEW's Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly Reveal Inspiration for reDRagon

A sort of shot at Davey Richards and more

Teaming together for the last 10 years, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish have cemented themselves as one of the best tag teams in the world and they have won gold in WWE, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring Of Honor as reDRagon and as part of the Undisputed ERA 

Fish and O'Reilly were initially thrown together in ROH in late 2012 following Bobby's debut and the former Kool Kyle's heel turn on Davey Richards, and the partners revealed the inspiration for the 'reDRagon' name on Talk Is Jericho

"We own (the name). It was a bunch of different ideas. [Hannibal Lecter] was one of the things that came into play with it. The skateboard brand was part of it as well," O'Reilly began.

Fish said: "I was reading a Jason Ellis book and red dragon was a skate thing they had. I don't know why the name...Kyle and I were going to be heels and I was trying to think of a way for people to not like us. ReDragon, to me, sounded like a martial arts group that was trying to be cool, but wasn't cool. I was like, 'maybe we could use that.' 

"The way Ring of Honor was putting he and I together had a lot to do with Davey Richards. This might be the first time I ever admitted this, but when I spelled it, I was like, 'If we capitalise the D and R in the middle, it's kind of a shot.'"

Fish then noted it wasn't completely a shot, though, adding: "It wasn't a shot. Ring of Honor's idea was breaking (Kyle) away from Davey. Davey and Eddie Edwards were the American Wolves and it made it easy because they were over so big as babyfaces and we were this new heel team. I can't thank them enough for how much it helped us. We never talked about it or acknowledged it."

While they couldn't be reDRagon in WWE, Fish and O'Reilly have started to use the name again since they reunited in All Elite Wrestling in late 2021. 

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