NWA Champion Trevor Murdoch Refutes Recent Matt Cardona Accusation

The former GCW Champion had claimed previous unfair treatment when both were in WWE

Former GCW Champion Matt Cardona appears to be angling for a title showdown with current NWA Champion Trevor Murdoch. 

Asked about working with NWA while appearing on Busted Open Radio last week, Cardona claimed that the company needs a fresh new 'face' to lead them into the future, before revealing that Murdoch treated him poorly when both worked together in WWE in the 2000s. 

"Trevor Murdoch is a guy, who when I first got to WWE, treated me like sh*t. He was one of the boys in the dressing room and I was this rookie. Legit, he was one of the cool guys in the dressing room, right? Cade and Murdoch didn't like having to work The Major Brothers on dark matches, didn't like that. So now, all these years later, I think my success has been my revenge.

"And I'm happy for Trevor now, he's come back, his son has seen him wrestle, that's great. But this story is over for Trevor. He got his title, he has the picture of him in the Harley gear with the title, that's great, it's over Trevor. We need a real champion in the NWA, someone who is going to bring some credibility to the title, some buzz, some attention". 

Cardona then tweeted a picture from a dark match between the two teams, with the accompanying text: 

"2007. Young Major Brothers before we got called up. We wrestled Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade. Both were complete pricks to us. They were "the boys"...we were the green kids. They would give us no look handshakes for months. Now Trevor is the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion. I'm gonna look him right in the eyes before I give him Radio Silence and take his title! Book it Billy!"

Murdoch has responded to Cardona's claims during his own appearance on Busted Open Radio. According to him, Cardona has skewed the facts of the situation and that he actually wanted to work with him and Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) at the time. 

"Matt is an attention wh*re. He'll hop from company to company to take whatever he can to get over the most possible and leave. For the last two-and-a-half years, almost three years, I have dedicated my life to one company. I have promoted one company, I have spoken and represented one company. Because I believe in their ideas, I believe in their vision. I sure as hell believe in the people that are running this company, and the boys that are working their ass off to put up a different product for the NWA, and the fans.

"Just like that stupid ass story that, 'I was mean to him in WWE'. He forgot to tell you the other half of that story. The fact that Cade and I asked to work with him because there were no tag teams. The reason why he was mad and said I was mean to him is because Trevor and Lance didn't want to do the finish that they had brought up, and it didn't fit the story then.

"We were already in an angle with The Hardys about to win the Tag Titles. But we offered to put them over because we had no teams to work after The Hardys. But it's okay for Matt to come on here and say a five-second soundbite. And everybody thinks I am the meanest guy in the world". 

Cardona attacked Murdoch and posed with the NWA Title following the champion's successful defence of the gold against Mike Knox on Tuesday's NWA Powerrr.

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