AEW’s Britt Baker: I Don't Think Anyone Has Worked Harder Than Me In The Last Year

The AEW Women’s World Champion has turned doubters into believers

To succeed in the pro wrestling business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and struggle. No matter if you’re a curtain jerker or the main draw, you have to go through a ton of hard work to make your name, and in Britt Baker’s case, a ton of tables, ladders, and thumbtacks too.

Speaking on the PWI Podcast, Baker outlined how hard she has worked during the ‘pandemic era’ of wrestling, and doubts anyone else in the business has worked harder:

"I don't change anything about me," said Baker "I still say what's on my mind in all my promos. If you met me on the street, the Dr. Britt Baker DMD character on the street, you wouldn't like her. [She’s] very unlikable, borderline like a bitch. Arrogant, delusional. The fans, for whatever reason, have swung towards liking me. I feel they have so much respect for the work I've put in over the last year. Truthfully, I don't think anyone has worked as hard as I have. I really went from being at the bottom, as far as women's talent, to be arguably at the top. I don't think you can say, 2021 women's wrestler of the year without at least putting my name in the pot. I have come a long way and I think fans are very respectful of that."

Working as a full-time dentist as well as a pro wrestler, Baker became one of the biggest names in AEW thanks to a series of performances in the ring and on the mic, such as the infamous Light’s Out match against Thunder Rosa, and it was time away from her work in dentistry to helped her thrive in the ring:

"Once the pandemic hit, I couldn't go to the dental office anymore. I was just fresh in the heel turn and I did nothing but professional wrestling. I didn't have anything else to do so I would go to the wrestling ring nonstop, watching wrestling nonstop. Promos, matches, everything. I was practicing promos nonstop. I was bouncing ideas off the people I consider mentors in the back nonstop. I was working day in and day out because I wanted to be the best. I wanted 2021 to be my year and I felt like I had it in me, I just needed to zone in, dig down, and really get to know this Dr. Britt Baker DMD character and own it. You have to own being a bad guy. If you're not comfortable, it comes off on-screen. You have to really accept that this is who you are.”

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