AEW's Chris Jericho: Fans Should Never Get In The Ring

“The mindset of 'I bought a ticket, I can do what I want,' doesn't apply.”

Going to watch live wrestling is a great experience. The boos, the cheers, the chants, it makes for a great evening. But there is one golden rule; never get in the ring.

Chris Jericho had to reinforce this notion after a fan tried to jump in the ring at a recent AEW: Dynamite event, telling the Zaslow Show:

"I've had a lot of those [missiles thrown by fans]. I got hit with a D battery in San Francisco once. Who the hell is bringing D batteries to shows? You get that from time to time. Even when we were in Miami, somebody tried to hit the ring. You see them coming and it's one of those things where it doesn't happen often and DON'T TRY IT if anyone is listening because it doesn't end up well for you. I can see them coming and you have to get in the ring at some point and that's what people don't understand. When you get in the ring, you put your head down and go through the ropes and that's where you have the chance to make sure nothing bad happens. Don't throw things and don't try to get in the ring are the number one rules. The mindset of 'I bought a ticket, I can do what I want,' doesn't apply.”

Jericho elaborated on the Miami incident: "We made sure he didn't get through the ropes. It doesn't end well in any shape or form, even if you don't get to the ring. It happens, guys get drunk and want to be part of the show, but it's not a good idea."

Throughout the years many a drunken or excited fan has crossed the rail and tried to get in on the action, and usually end up receiving legitimate beat-downs from wrestlers and security alike. So it goes without saying, don’t even think about jumping in the ring.

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