AEW's Eddie Kingston: Jon Moxley Tried To Get Me Into WWE Years Ago

Eddie Kingston, WWE Superstar?

Eddie Kingston would have been a WWE Superstar several years ago if Jon Moxley had gotten his wish. 

While The Mad King had attended WWE tryouts in the past and Vince McMahon's company had tried to sign Kingston as a coach, they didn't try to sign him as a talent until the summer of 2020, after Crazy Eddie made his AEW debut in a TNT Title match opposite Cody Rhodes.  

That wasn't for Jon Moxley's lack of trying, though, Kingston revealed to talkSPORT.

"Jon loved it, of course," Kingston said about his and Moxley's widely-praised promo exchange ahead of Full Gear 2020. "Jon has been one of the biggest advocates for me in my whole career since we met.  

"A lot of people don't know that he was trying to get me into WWE years ago. Trying his best to do what he could. 'Hey, I told this guy to check you out.' And this is me and Jon not talking for years and out of nowhere he'll text me 'Hey, I told so and so to watch your match from blah blah blah' and I'll be like 'Who is this?' And he'll be like 'Jon' and I'll be like 'Oh hey, what's up Mox?' [laughs]. That's the kind of friends we are," Kingston continued.

"When we ran into each other when I got to AEW, he even said and I agreed 'Eddie, it feels like I saw you two weeks ago,' and at that time, we hadn't seen each other in about eight or nine years. It's just how our friendship is, but Jon is one of those dudes that I would be forever grateful for having him as a friend, and I don't call a lot of people my friend. But he's definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, one of them."

While Kingston wouldn't join Moxley in WWE, The Mad King signed with AEW following his debut and he and Moxley have since feuded and become tag team partners. 

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