AEW's Excalibur Recalls Strange Kenny Omega Vs. Daniel Bryan Match

"I’m on commentary like, ‘What…is going on?’"

While it is immensely unlikely to happen, wrestling fans across the world would be almost universally in agreement that WWE's Daniel Bryan and AEW's Kenny Omega would have an instant classic of a wrestling match. 

However, what many might not know is that the two previously classed many years ago in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, prior to either of them becoming globally-renowned superstars. 

AEW commentator Excalibur is one of PWG's founding fathers and can remember the match between the two, but not for the insane wrestling one might expect, but rather for a rather hilarious moment which involved the duo singing 'John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt'.

Speaking to Robbie Fox Of My Mom's Basement, Excalibur said: "Everybody was expecting this hard-hitting, fast-paced, Match of the Year. It’s literally two of the top wrestlers in the world. 

"About six minutes in, Kenny Omega says ‘stop, what’s your name?’ They do this whole John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt routine and they’re dancing around the ring. I’m on commentary like, ‘What…is going on?’ 

"The crowd enjoyed it and was very happy, but it wasn’t the match I think anybody was expecting and there was a lot of conversation around that. That’s the great thing about pro wrestling and PWG in general. It was a place for guys to experiment and do these concept style matches."

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