AEW's Kenny Omega Details Possible Post-Retirement Plans

An alien life-form might arrive. You just never know

While Kenny Omega doesn't plan to retire anytime soon, The Best Bout Machine noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he does think about what he would like to do post-retirement as he may suffer a bad injury or an alien life-form could arrive on earth.

When his in-ring career does come to an end, Omega noted he would be happy working as a backstage agent, helping to layout matches. 

"I get a lot out of being an agent; I really enjoy that. I don't think I could ever have a dojo or a school. A big part is I'm just too lazy to organise something like that. For me to be in a position where I could teach or give advice or layout matches, I find it very personally fulfilling. If there were ever an opportunity like that in wrestling once I am done actively, I feel like I would be happy in the workplace, being able to do that," Omega said.

The former AEW World Champion has worked as a backstage agent in the promotion before as he is heavily involved with the AEW women's division. 

Omega is currently on the shelf due to multiple injuries. The 38-year-old noted he was hoping to return in February but he is still awaiting hernia surgery.

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