AEW's Matt Hardy: How Vince McMahon & Tony Khan Are Different

Being accessible is key

Across his long career, Matt Hardy has had several runs in WWE and the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion now leads the Hardy Family Office in All Elite Wrestling. 

Having worked in both companies, Hardy weighed in on the differences between AEW President Tony Khan and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon while speaking to Essentially Sports.

"They [AEW] don't really try to force people into a hierarchy, they don't try to reign by fear, and everyone is allowed to feel comfortable. If you have an issue, you can talk to anyone. Tony Khan is so accessible. If you need to address Tony Khan, then you can speak to him, where at WWE it's quite the opposite with Vince. Vince is very hard to be able to speak with. Tony, I just feel like Tony has the current mindset of a wrestling fan in 2021," Hardy said.

Matt also praised both McMahon and Khan's work ethic, adding: "They're both ridiculously hard workers. There's no doubt about that. Vince works his a** off. No one can ever take that away from him. Tony does as well."

Stories of talent waiting for hours outside of Vince McMahon's office have become common within the industry, while several AEW talents have noted how easy it is to speak to Tony Khan. 

While others have pointed out their differences, though, Tony Khan previously revealed how the WWE chairman has inspired him.

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