Johnny Gargano Reveals He Wanted David Arquette Under The Scream Mask

David Arquette? In wrestling? That'd never work...

In the lead up to NXT Halloween Havoc 2020, Johnny Gargano was assisted by a mystery assailant in the iconic ‘Ghostface’ mask from Scream. It was eventually revealed that Indi Hartwell was under the hood, but at one point Gargano suggested a different name: former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette.

Gargano revealed as much during a recent Twitch stream, saying:

"I kind of just made an offhanded joke, Oh, hopefully, it's a Scream mask guy and then that ended up being the Scream mask. At one point, there was thought there were talks of having it be revealed as David Arquette, that obviously didn't happen. But it was discussed at one point.”

Outside of wrestling circles, Arquette is arguably most known for his role as Dewey Riley in the Scream movies, but to wrestling fans he will always be the most controversial WCW World Heavyweight Champion in history.

Arquette has appeared on WWE TV before,  having been spotted in the crowd at several WWE events over the years, as well as teaming with Alex Riley in handicap action against Randy Orton on Raw in 2010.

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