Rick Boogs: Vince McMahon & I Are Both Intense Dudes Who Love Crushing Weights

Boogs gets on well with Vince

Rick Boogs has opened up on his relationship with Vince McMahon in WWE, saying he likes how the WWE Chairman is 'blunt' about what he wants to see.

Boogs has been on SmackDown alongside Shinsuke Nakamura since earlier this year and has now opened up on his conversations with the boss about his character, including meeting McMahon for the first time.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh, Boogs recalled: "I was very fortunate when I started, they flew me out to Stamford to get a tour, see the warehouse and all that. I then got a chance to talk with Vince for a bit and like you said, just bantered. Just a chat, nothing too businessy in a sense.

"We are both similar in a sense, we are both intense dudes and just love crushing some weights, he appreciated that about me. He is great at communicating and letting you know what he wants and what he doesn’t want. Kicking it off with that first conversation was great, I felt like I can connect with this guy.

"And now on TB or whatever it may be, if there is some aggression he wants. He is very blunt, he knows what he wants and he will drive that point home, and he wants you to know what he is saying.

"Some people might take it the wrong way, but I am very appreciative of how he is like ‘I like this, I don’t like this, try this…’ It just makes it easier to know where you are going. I love his ideas, he likes characters as well, so it doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure. You want me to be a big character? I want to do that too, so we are on the same page."

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