AEW's Matt Hardy Reveals His New Twitter Policy

Hardy won't tolerate negativity

Matt Hardy has shared his new policy for using Twitter, informing fans that he will now be using the social media platform as his authentic self rather than in any wrestling character. 

Hardy is an advocate and big user of social media and, having confirmed his intent to be his genuine self on Twitter, says he will no longer dignify trolls or negativity with any form of response.

In a video posted to Twitter, Hardy said: "“I want to take a second to talk about Twitter. I know I told everyone in the past that you’re not seeing a wrestling character tweet now. I am notorious for doing that in the past, I enjoy doing it just for the entertainment of others, even myself at some points. 

"But from this point going forward, whenever I tweet, whenever I respond, it is going to be as real-life, real-time, Matt Hardy. Authentic Matt Hardy. I would respond to a tweet the way I would respond to someone in a regular conversation in everyday life. 

"What that means is that the people that come with, like, negative horse-s--t or stuff that is incorrect, or if people are talking about something they have absolutely no idea about, or if they’re just trolling, I will not dignify those responses at all, I will not dignify them.

“I am only going to be responding and interacting with the people that come with constructive criticism, that come with varying opinions, as long as it’s done respectfully. I am totally cool with that, I love a good honest-to-God conversation, especially on Twitter if someone has a varying opinion than I do, and I’m cool with that.

"So, from this point going forward, I am not going to respond to any trash or any troll, I am only going to be responding and interacting with the people that are here on Twitter, and deserve to be rewarded by tweeting productive, constructive, honest-to-God, fair stuff. That’s it."

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