AEW's Tony Nese Wants To Team With Trent Beretta

Could Trent gain a new ‘best friend’?

AEW’s tag division is one of the strongest in the industry, but Tony Nese would like to add one more team into the mix, by teaming up with Best Friends’ Trent Beretta.

The two are both signed to AEW, but in conversation with Wrestling Headlines, Nese revealed the two were a team on the indies, before Trent went to WWE:

“I would say right now a good one that I would love to do again, is Trent Beretta,” began Nese. “Probably almost no one knows this but me and Trent were a tag team before he went to WWE. Interesting. He was Plasma. And I was Maverick. I don’t I don’t know why. We teamed up for a while. He was probably one of the first people I clicked with as a tag team. We kind of had the same style and the same ideas and the same… you know, we love watching the same stuff, studying the same stuff, because like, we kind of trained together. And then when I started training, we kind of linked up and I would always go to his house and we’d watch like Hardy boy tapes and stuff like that. And like, yeah, we loved all that stuff. So so he would be fun to partner up with again.”

If Tony and Trent can’t reunite, then Nese would like another run with Ariya Daivari: “During the last like year of us being in WWE we teamed a lot together,” continued Nese. “We helped keep each other safe, sane, just kind of sticking together and stuff. So he’s become like my best friend. So he’d be I would love to continue teaming with. They actually have him going in another direction with someone else right now so so I guess I’ll have to ask Trent if he wants to be my partner.”

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