AEW Stars The Young Bucks Appear In The Latest Episode Of Matt Hardy's #FreeTheDELETE

Could this be the most telling sign yet that Hardy is on the brink of joining AEW?

We may have just witnessed the most telling sign yet that recently departed WWE Superstar Matt Hardy is on the brink of joining AEW. 

The Young Bucks have appeared on Hardy's #FreeTheDELETE, in a storyline that kicked off at the end of the latest Being The Elite. 

On BTE, Matt Jackson received a phone call from an unknown person which forced he and his brother to cancel their trip home after last weekend's Revolution pay-per-view. 

It turns out that person was Broken Matt Hardy. 

The latest #FreeTheDELETE begins with that same phone call taking place, only this time from Hardy's perspective. We also see a shot of Hardy's phone, with Matt Jackson listed in Hardy's contacts as "Future."

"You are the only two that could separate ZENITH from my body. There are great higher powers out there that believe in me, and if I believe in them then I will have everlasting life, everlasting Broken Brilliance," former Raw Tag Team Champion Hardy tells Matt Jackson.  

"ZENITH is infected. ZENITH is dying. I need you two to come to the Hardy Compound and remove ZENITH from my body again - and bury us both," Hardy continues. "In the mean time I'm going to get my affairs in order in case anything goes wrong."

Matt is then shown building a cross before The Bucks of Youth show up at the compound. 

Many expect Matt to be unveiled as The Dark Order's Exalted One. Although, interestingly, the AEW Twitter account shared a picture earlier today saying "It's Wednesday." This hints that Brodie Lee (former WWE star Luke Harper) could be nearing too, as "It's [day of the week] you know what that means" is something he posts to Twitter regularly. 

You can watch the full #FreeTheDELETE clip below: 

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