AEW Trademarks "Captain Insano"

He shows no mercy, you know

We here at Cultaholic have posted numerous stories about wrestling promotions trademarking character and event names, but this one's a little more unique.

All Elite Wrestling filed a trademark for "Captain Insano" on March 3 (h/t Fightful), with the filing reading, "Mark For: CAPTAIN INSANO trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of video game cartridges and discs; Digital media, namely, pre-recorded DVDs, downloadable audio and video recordings, and CDs featuring and promoting wrestling; Downloadable video game software; Recorded video game software."

Captain Insano was the character portrayed by Paul Wight for one scene in the 1998 comedy The Waterboy, which starred Adam Sandler as the titular character.

Insano was himself a professional wrestler who appears on a call-in show, and takes a call from Sandler's naive character Bobby Boucher. Boucher innocently asks Insano if he needs a personal waterboy. Upon learning that the not-too-bright, meek-voiced Boucher is 31 years old, Insano and the generic wrestling interviewer uproariously laugh off the question.

Wight signed with AEW in February, after spending 21 of the previous 22 years with WWE. He made his first AEW appearance on the March 3 edition of Dynamite.

It's not clear what exactly AEW will ultimately do with Captain Insano. Based on the filing, perhaps an alternate attire for Wight in AEW's first video game?

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