Update On WWE's "Leg Slapping" Ban

Apparently, someone got mad

It was reported this past week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE was cracking down on wrestlers slapping their leg when throwing kicks.

Dave Meltzer added on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that at and around the Gorilla position for events, there is now a sign up that reads, "Do Not Slap Leg When Kicking".

"What I was told was that at some point on a SmackDown show, somebody did a leg-slapping deal, and Vince got mad because it was so obvious," Meltzer stated.

There is no word on what sort of punishment could be doled out for non-compliance.

Previously, a memo had been sent to NXT talent regarding the issue, but it was never really followed up upon until this latest doctrine.

Meltzer wrote in this week's Observer, "The thigh slap superkick dates back to Chris Adams from when he came over from the UK. It’s one of the silliest things to worry about because the perfectly timed moves garner great crowd response generally. But it became a buzzword for people who are mad it’s used so frequently (as if punches weren’t far more frequent doing the same thing in the 70s and punches worked fine in those days)."

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