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AEW's Andrade 'Overwhelmed' & 'Beyond Grateful' For Ric Flair's Support At AAA TripleMania XXIX

Flair accompanied Andrade to the ring on Friday

Andrade has spoken of what it meant to him to have wrestling legend, and future father-in-law, Ric Flair accompany him to the ring for his AAA Mega Championship Match at TripleMania XXIX at the weekend. 

Flair surprisingly walked with Andrade - who is engaged to his daughter, Charlotte Flair - to the ring for his Title match with Kenny Omega on Saturday, and got involved physically by assisting the All Elite Wrestling star against the Belt Collector. 

Andrade has now admitted that competing for a major Championship with his family, and an icon such as Flair, around him, was the stuff of dreams.

Speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Andrade said: "Mr. Flair came to Mexico, which I still can’t believe. When he hugged me during our entrance, that was real. A bond for the love of what we do professionally that is in our blood. The bond of family.

"No one has had more experience than Mr. Flair. To have his support, his credibility, wanting to come with me to my home country, that was overwhelming. I am beyond grateful. His support and belief in me means more than I can put into words. Being in the ring with one of the greatest of all time, putting on one of the most famous submission holds, that’s something I could have never dreamed.

"I grew up a poor luchador from Northern Mexico. Now I am exchanging chops with a legend. That whole time, I could feel his energy. And seeing all his passion for this business, how much he means to this business, and watching all the stars at the show want to take a picture with him, it was amazing."

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