AEW's Dustin Rhodes: "WWE Is Like Prison"

The man FKA Goldust left WWE earlier this year...

Perhaps the match of the night at All Elite Wrestling's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view was the bout that saw Cody take on his older brother, Dustin Rhodes.

Our good pals over at Inside The Ropes hosted a show with Dustin at Starrcast II, during which The Natural talked about the closing stages of his WWE career: "A lot of people hate their jobs, and a lot of people love their jobs. I love pro wrestling. It's my first love. For the past four years with WWE, I kind of lost my passion.

"Let's face it, you're sitting in the back and not doing anything and it's hard and frustrating when you have so much to give but time is running out because you're getting older. It sucks when you're not being picked, and you're pitching these ideas to the writers and Vince, and nothing happens. I wanted to do something with substance.

"Whether I deserved it or not, I don't know, but that's what I wanted. That's where my passion was and I lost it along the way. I wanted out. It was hard to get out. It's like prison. It really is. It's one of the prisons that they take good care of you in, but I needed to go and do something else. They had taken good care of me but I needed to get out, breathe, and find my passion again."

You can watch an extended clip of the ITR show below:

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