Ahmed Johnson Thinks He Was Supposed To Win The WWE Title In 1997

He was due to wrestle The Undertaker for the title, but the match never happened...

Former WWE star Ahmed Johnson has claimed that he believes he was supposed to win the WWE Title in 1997.

Speaking with the Iron-On Wrestling with Gregory Iron podcast, the Pearl River Powerhouse said that he was under the impression he would beat The Undertaker for the title and thus become the first black WWE Champion. 

"I think I was. I think I was. I don't know, I can't say for 100%. but the way they were building it up, I think it was going to be for me and The Nation and it fell through".

Johnson also believes that, eventually, he would have become the leader of the Nation of Domination stable had he not been removed from it. 

"I think I would have become the leader of The Nation. 

"It would have been a trip but when we broke apart, Vince called us into his office and he was like, 'Ahmed, I'm going to have to take you out of The Nation'. I was like, 'What? You just put me in The Nation'. We asked him why and he said, 'I was watching you guys walk down the ramp. There's nobody that's going to believe that you guys can be beaten by anybody so therefore, I'm going to take you out and you can go back to fighting The Nation'. But by that time, we had been fighting for almost a year. But the crowd loved every minute of every time that we did". 

Ahmed was due to wrestle The Undertaker for the WWE Title at the Canadian Stampede pay-per-view, but was forced to withdraw due to an injury. The Deadman would instead successfully defend the title against Vader on the show, before dropping it to Bret Hart at SummerSlam a month later. 

It would take WWE another year-and-a-half to crown their first black WWE Champion, when The Rock won it at the 1998 Survivor Series. 

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