Aiden English Comments On Working With Rusev In WWE

Rusev Day will live forever...

In 2017 and 2018, Rusev Day was one of the most popular acts in WWE. The tag team of Aiden English and Rusev would regularly be showered with chants of "Rusev Day" as they made their way to the ring and Rusev was one of the top merchandise sellers in the company. Despite this, WWE did little with either Superstar and decided to break them up in September 2018.

The Bulgarian Brute and English were both released by the wrestling behemoth on April 15 after WWE announced they would be making cutbacks because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The former 205 Live commentator recently sat down with Kenny McIntosh at Inside The Ropes to discuss his release and Rusev Day. English said the tag team worked because they were able to be themselves and he revealed that they threw away anything WWE Creative wrote for them.

The former Vaudevillian said: "If you really look at it, here you have Rusev, who for the longest time was The Bulgarian Brute, the big foreign bad guy who comes and beats you up. And it worked. He is such a fun-loving, goofy, funny dude. He finally saw a chance of 'let me be me.' All those backstages, we pretty much took what they wrote for us and threw it out. 'I'm just gonna say this goofy stuff.' I loved it. Even though I'm still doing the singing entrances, with promos and backstages, I was being me as a performer. People saw these two characters who for a long time were kind of in these boxes. All of a sudden, we get a chance to play and experiment and be themselves. People saw that and I think that's what resonated."

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