AJ Lee Clarifies Her In-Ring Status

AJ Lee is still retired

Former WWE Divas Champion and beloved women’s wrestler AJ Lee got a lot of fans talking this past week after posting several photos to her Instagram which shows that she is in tip-top shape and condition. This, coupled with her appearing in the professional wrestling based TV show Heels, has led to some minor speculation that an in-ring return could be possible. 

In her most recent Instagram picture that she posted, she captioned it with “retired athlete”, seemingly responding to the talk by reaffirming her stance as someone who is well and truly retired. 

Although fans would no doubt love to see a comeback for AJ Lee, talk of an in-ring return has been shut down in the past by none other than her husband and current AEW star CM Punk, who stated that Lee’s neck was in no fit condition to be returning to action between the ropes. Of course, the likes of Edge, Bryan Danielson, Shawn Michaels, Saraya, and more have all come back from injuries that initially forced them into retirement, but as of now it isn’t clear what Lee’s condition is regarding that.

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Written by Andrew Kelly