"Speedball" Mike Bailey Pitches 2K Meets Skyrim For IMPACT Wrestling Video Game

Mike Bailey has a unique video game idea

IMPACT Wrestling has not made a foray into the world of video games for several years at this point, with their last video game being in the form of the TNA IMPACT! game which came out on the PlayStation 2, 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, with subsequent versions releasing on the PSP and DS too. 

Former X-Division Champion ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey believes that his current company should head back into the market, especially after the buzz of WWE’s newest 2K game and AEW’s Fight Forever. However, when fantasy pitching a potential idea for IMPACT, he went for something different to fit the unique style of the promotion. Speaking to WrestlingHeadlines, he had this to say; 

“So this is what I want for a wrestling video game. I think Impact has done a great job setting itself apart and being different, and I think the world of professional wrestling is immersive, right? It goes beyond the matches and just the sports, and I think everyone enjoys storyline Dee mode, but I think there is a certain way to that we could push that way further. I mean, I think a great Impact wrestling video game would be kind of be like the wrestling 2K games meets Skyrim and I think you could have a juicy middle section of that.”

Seeing a 2K-esque game with an open world similar to Skyrim would be quite the thing to behold, that’s for sure. It is hard to argue with anyone who would want to see Alex Shelley digitally slaying dragons (or even Bully Ray).

H/T WrestlingHeadlines

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