Alex Zayne Open To Wrestling In AEW, Going Through The Forbidden Door

Zayne is getting his name back out there

Alex Zayne was released by WWE on August 6 and he has wasted no time in getting his name back out on the independent wrestling scene. 

Zayne was one of the biggest stars on the indie scene ahead of his WWE signing in late 2020, regularly competing for the likes of GCW, and the former Ari Sterling revealed to Wrestling Inc. he has already been in touch with promoters following his release.

"It definitely came as a shock, of course, when I got the call. I think, especially in such a strange climate we're in right now, especially with WWE, it was shocking, but at the same time, there's always that thing in the back of your mind, like, oh, that's a possibility, and it's always a possibility. I mean, job security in general, for anyone, especially in these crazy times that we live in, it's not as sure of a thing," Zayne said.

"It came as a shock, but within five minutes, I was on the phone with anyone who would answer. I was like, 'Okay, thanks,' hung up. First of all, called William Regal, told him thank you. He was who brought me in. I immediately just started calling promoter after promoter and getting things going, hit the ground running. Brett Lauderdale (GCW owner) was definitely on the shortlist."

If Zayne will sign with a major promotion in the future ultimately remains to be seen, but he admitted he would be open to competing in AEW and going through the fabled forbidden door. 

"I'm always watching everything and keeping my ear to the ground on anything and everything. Of course, I don't probably watch it in the same way, I guess, as everyone watches it because, well, sometimes I watch things just for the pure entertainment value and just to be a fan. I really enjoy when I get to do that. I think their product is really cool in a lot of ways, and I think they are just capitalising on so many things, and a lot of people feel this way too, as far as just gauging off of audience responses," Zayne later added.

"They feel almost forward-thinking in a lot of ways, compared to some of the antiquated thinking we see a lot in wrestling, which that's everywhere, not WWE, indie wrestling, everything. They've got it a little more together when it comes to certain marketing tricks or social media gimmicks or whatever it might be and in the infrastructure of their business model and working with the boys as opposed to kind of against the boys.

"I think that's helping them immensely. I think their product is really cool. I look around and see so many cool things happening in wrestling right now. You see so many companies working together and all the boys putting over the forbidden door and stuff, and I'm like, yeah, I love doors. I'll flip through it. Let's do it."

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