Alexa Bliss Defends WWE's Classification Of Superstars As Independent Contractors

"WWE takes care of us 100 percent"...

WWE Superstars' classification as independent contractors has been a controversial issue within professional wrestling for some time. 

The subject came to the forefront again a couple of months ago when WWE starting cracking down on Superstars using third-party platforms like Cameo and Twitch. Former Democratic presidential candidate and wrestling fan Andrew Yang then said he would work with a possible Biden administration to end the classification of WWE Superstars as independent contractors.

Dave Meltzer has previously reported that several people in WWE are talking to Andrew Yang. One Superstar who has defended the company's classification, though, is Alexa Bliss.

During a recent appearance on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, the five-time women's champion said: "WWE takes care of us 100 percent. You know, we all are in a contract and anything that happens inside the ring WWE takes care of. Our health is 100 percent priority. Our health and safety is 100 percent priority in the company. And, you know, unfortunately, we're living in the middle of a cancel culture where people try to start rumours and make their assumptions of things and, you know, there's never been a time where I've ever felt uncomfortable about being in the ring or have ever felt forced being in the ring. 

"Even when I was injured, I had concussions, and Vince said, 'Alright, well we're gonna send you to the best specialists there are.' And he did and I saw a concussion specialist and they went above and beyond to take good care of me and, you know, I know everyone feels that way."

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