Report: Original Plans For AEW House Shows Revealed

The pandemic paused any plans they did have...

Earlier this year, Jim Ross revealed All Elite Wrestling had house shows pencilled into their 2020 schedule before the coronavirus pandemic forced them to scrap the plans. Good Ol' JR noted the events would have helped a lot of AEW wrestlers "relearn the fundamentals" as he believed they could only get better by wrestling more than once a week. 

Little information has been revealed since, but Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Tony Khan originally planned to run approximately 20 house shows a year.  

Meltzer said: "When they (AEW) first started… the original thing that Tony (Khan) told me was 52 TVs, four pay-per-views and about 20 house shows a year. Like you would do a house show maybe every other week… Originally, he was talking to me about how you would not do any house shows the week of New Japan big shows because your top guys would all go to New Japan. The big Sumo Hall's and things like that. And that didn't exactly work out, unfortunately." 

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