American WWE Superstar Announced For WWE UK Championship Tournament

Wait, what!?

A further eight names have been announced for the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, not all of them from the UK independent scene.

The full list of announcements today is as follows:

Travis Banks
Flash Morgan Webster
Jordan Devlin
Drew Gulak
Ashton Smith
James Drake
Tyson T-Bone

The most surprising name there is, of course, Drew Gulak - a regular member of the 205 Live roster and United States citizen. Jordan Devlin, Tucker, and Tyson T-Bone return, having competed in last year's tournament - and in fairness, Devlin is Irish, proving that the UK Championship Tournament doesn't necessarily need to feature UK citizens.

Similarly, Travis Banks is a New Zealander, but has become a main feature of the UK independent scene over the past couple of years. He is the current PROGRESS Champion.

These eight new announcements will join yesterday's group of eight to form the complete tournament line-up (although no brackets have yet been announced). In case you missed it, the first eight names announced were:

Joe Coffey
Kenny Williams
Joseph Conners
Jack Gallagher
Zack Gibson
El Ligero
Dave Mastiff
Amir Jordan

Like Devlin, Tucker, and T-Bone, Joseph Conners also competed in last year's tournament. Similarly, Jack Gallagher - like Drew Gulak - is a regular member of the 205 Live roster.

Many of these names were part of the UK's World of Sport special on New Year's Eve 2016, and WWE's signing of these names confirms that they will not be taking part in the upcoming WOS series on ITV. Dave Mastiff, in particular, was the main heel of the revival show.

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