Another Former WWE NXT UK Talent Heading To NXT

A new WWE NXT UK talent going to NXT

Another former WWE NXT UK talent is set to make their debut in NXT. 

In a video package on this week's episode of NXT, former NXT UK talent Aoife Valkyrie was shown running through the woods as she talked about watching the birds fly away from her homeland of Ireland while she was a child. Valkyrie then said she will now do the same by channelling the spirit of The Morrigan and spread her wings on a new battleground. The video package ended with the reveal that Valkyrie is now Lyra Valkyria and she will appear on NXT soon.

Often depicted as a crow, The Morrigan is a figure in Irish mythology that is often seen as a goddess of war. 

After competing on the European independent wrestling scene, Valkyria signed with WWE in 2020. She competed against the likes of Isla Dawn, Meiko Satomura, Lana Austin, Dani Luna, and Jinny but Valkyrie hadn't wrestled on the UK brand since the summer of 2021. 

NXT UK was shuttered earlier this year, with WWE set to launch NXT Europe in 2023. Several former NXT UK talents have since moved to NXT, including Ilja Dragunov and Isla Dawn. 

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