Another Hall Of Famer Set To Appear On Tonight's WWE Raw

Hulk Hogan will be there, but who else will be?

Last week it was confirmed that Hulk Hogan is going to be returning to Monday Night Raw to celebrate the life and times of "Mean" Gene Okerlund. However, it looks like The Hulkster isn't the only WWE Hall of Famer set to appear on tonight's episode.

According to a report from PWInsider, Ric Flair is set to be at the show in Orlando, Florida. While there is no word on what The Nature Boy will be doing on the show, it's heavily anticipated that he will be a part of the tribute to Mean Gene.

How great will it be to hear a "MEEEEEEEEEAN, WOOOOOOOOOOO, BY GOD, GENE" once again?

Flair actually spoke to Sports Illustrated about Okerlund last week, saying: “Friend would be too generic a term for us.

“We were more than friends, we were brothers. We were tied to each other for years. If I was going somewhere, and I knew Gene Okerlund was there, I made sure I found him.

“In my opinion, Gene Okerlund added more entertainment to the business than anybody. Gene made our product better. You can be good at what you do, but Gene was so good that he made the people around him better. Gene brought that to every segment he was on for his entire career. It’s hard to explain how much talent he had. Gene was entertainment-ready, witty beyond belief, sophisticated, and I’ve never seen anybody else like him.”

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