Anthony Henry: "No One Feels Safe" In WWE NXT Locker Room Following Releases

Morale has taken a hit

Former WWE Superstar Anthony Henry has revealed nobody in the NXT locker room "feels safe" following the latest set of releases on August 6.

WWE has made several cuts to the talent roster since April and 12 NXT Superstars, including the likes of Bronson Reed, Mercedes Martinez and Bobby Fish, were let go on August 6. 

Known as Asher Hale in WWE, Anthony Henry was also released a couple of weeks ago and he told Inside The Ropes that "nobody feels safe" in the NXT locker room. 

"Yeah, I definitely do think that morale is impacted, for sure," Henry said. "Because nobody, like you said, just with it being a case of like names being released, that previously we would have thought would never have been released. With that being the case, nobody feels safe I don't think, you know, and I wouldn't say it necessarily affects their performances, but their mental state and just the overall feeling of the locker room, I would say is impacted. You know, and I think that's natural and that would be the case for anybody, any locker room, any job situation, but I mean, it's a great locker room.

"But the moral is, it's changed even from when I started and in, you know, I've just heard things here and there just about how it's been, since the start of the pandemic, and just all the various changes that have occurred with the company and stuff, you know, over the last year or so. So, I don't know, interesting stuff going forward."

The August 6 releases were reportedly part of a power struggle within WWE and major changes are on the way to NXT, with the black and gold brand set to put more of an emphasis on younger and bigger talent. The Tuesday night show is also set to abandon live programming and the post-TakeOver 36 editions of NXT will be taped on Monday, August 23 and Tuesday, August 24.

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