CM Punk Fuels AEW Rumours With Cryptic Instagram Post

Punk is teasing the wrestling community...

CM Punk has added fuel to the fire that is speculation surrounding his potential return to professional wrestling with a post on his Instagram story, detailing three numbers 

Punk has been heavily rumoured to be ending a seven-year self-imposed exile from wrestling - having walked out of WWE in early 2014 - with a move to All Elite Wrestling. The 42-year-old is widely anticipated to be making his debut at AEW Rampage 'The First Dance' this Friday. 

The former WWE champion, who made a reference to 'all elite' during his MMA commentary over the weekend, has now got the online wrestling community speculating even more after his most recent Instagram story post. 

The post simply contained three numbers: '05, 11, 21' 


While Punk himself has offered no context for what the numbers mean, fans are theorising on social media that the three digits represent the years that Punk signed major wrestling contracts. 

Punk signed his first WWE deal in 2005 and then famously put pen-to-paper on a new contract with WWE in 2011 on the day his old contract was due to expire. The number '21' could therefore reference the latest deal in wrestling that Punk has signed. 

Many fans believe Punk is making reference to the different 'Summer of Punks' that we have seen. Punk left Ring Of Honor in 2005 following an incredible title run, while 2011 was when Punk dropped the 'pipebomb' and was at his hottest in WWE.

It is worth noting that nothing has been confirmed regarding Punk and a return to wrestling with AEW.

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