Antonio Inoki Provides Health Update

The iconic New Japan founder has been battling multiple health issues in 2021

Pro wrestling icon Antonio Inoki has provided a health update, with the legendary New Japan Pro Wrestling founder claiming he’s ‘fine’ after a year spent fighting numerous health issues.

Speaking with Tokyo Sports, Inoki said the following:

“I’m often asked that question, but all I can say is, ‘I’m fine (bitter smile). There are times when I can't sleep. As with everyone, the more I try to sleep, the more I can’t sleep. When the schedules overlap, they overlap, so I’d like to sleep well before that. I was hospitalised repeatedly… Even though I'm here now, I've been cornered in a mysterious situation. I can't get salt (meal). Because it swells. There really isn't a handful (the amount that can be ingested). But the people around me are careful and (the food is) delicious. It wasn't hot or cold because I couldn't go out much. Well ... in other words, this year was a good year (smiles)." 

Inoki has spent vast portions of 2021 in hospital due to problems with his lower back, diabetes and systemic transthyretin amyloidosis - a condition which impairs blood circulation. Inoki also underwent surgery in the Summer to treat volvulus (an obstruction due to twisting or knotting of the gastrointestinal tract).

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