Apollo Crews: Changing My WWE Gimmick Was The Best Decision I Made

Crews has had a successful 2021 so far

While widely recognised as a talented wrestler, Apollo Crews didn't have a defined character on WWE for several years and he was on the receiving end of start-stop pushes in the company.

That changed earlier this year, though, when Apollo underwent a character change and branded himself as a member of the Nigerian nobility. This led to a sustained push for Crews and he is currently the reigning Intercontinental Champion, having defeated Big E for the gold at WrestleMania 37.

Reflecting on the character change, Crews admitted it was the best decision he has made.

"It's the best decision I've made. For me, before, I would be on TV, I would be off TV. Nothing very consistent. But as soon as I made the decision, I was on WrestleMania, and I was in a match with Big E for the Intercontinental Title and went on to win it, which is easily the biggest moment in my career," Apollo told the Car Con Carne Podcast.

"This year has been the best year of my WWE career so far and I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. It's fun to really be who I am and embrace my roots... easily the best decision I've made and I'm having a lot of fun and feel a lot more comfortable talking. I'm enjoying it and glad I decided to go this way."

How long Crews' Intercontinental Title reign will last, though, remains to be seen. He is currently feuding with Shinsuke Nakamura and others on SmackDown and some expect The King Of Strong Style to win the gold.

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