Apollo Crews: John Cena Used To Question Me On My WWE Character

'We gotta figure this out. Who is Apollo Crews?’

Apollo Crews has revealed that John Cena used to challenge him on the mindset behind his WWE character. 

Crews moved to the WWE main roster from NXT in 2016 at a time when Cena was still full-time in the company. Cena has utilised his WWE persona for over a decade, which connects with the audience, but Crews' own persona still needed development. 

With the duo working together on the Smackdown roster, Crews has revealed that Cena would question him on his character and his gimmick, trying to help the former United States Champion find himself within the company. 

Speaking on the After The Bell Podcast, Crews said: "When I first got to the main roster at the top John Cena was still working and he would always pull me aside and be like, ‘Who is Apollo Crews? We gotta figure this out. Who is Apollo Crews?’ At the time, I’m just like the most generic… it’s so embarrassing to even think about it. It’s like, ‘I’m this guy, I work hard, dah dah dah.’ He’s like, ‘Well, everybody works hard, but who are you?’

"I couldn’t answer him to save my life. It literally took me six years, I’m trying to figure out who is Apollo Crews. I didn’t know. I felt so embarrassed, to the point where I’d avoid trying to have conversations with him because I’m like, ‘I know he’s gonna ask me again today and I don’t have an answer for him.’”

The former Titus Worldwide member debuted a new heel persona last week on Smackdown, one which plays into his Nigerian heritage, having turned on Intercontinental Champion Big E a fortnight ago. 

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