Ariya Daivari Wants To Continue Teaming With Tony Nese Following WWE Release

Keep the team together

While they teamed together sporadically beforehand, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari formed a tag team in November 2020 and competed regularly on 205 Live until their releases on June 25, 2021. 

Daivari reflected on teaming with Nese while speaking to Wrestle Zone and the former 205 Live man revealed he wants to continue working with The Premier Athlete outside of WWE.

"To be honest, one thing that I really want to put out there is just continuing to tag team with Tony Nese. I feel like we were on the cusp of greatness, you know? We were ready to go full boar with it and unfortunately, the timing didn't work out so we definitely, me and Tony have kind of kept our eye on the tag team scene a lot more," Daivari said. 

"Obviously, there's really good teams in every company right now so hopefully, that's something that me and Tony can do is step into the tag team light a little bit bigger together. We're communicating every day and getting stuff figured out so hopefully, that'll come to fruition soon."

Daivari would also note that he enjoyed working with Nese and he hoped their 205 Live tag team run would eventually lead to a stint on NXT or the main roster.

"We were hoping it was going to continue on into an NXT run, or a Raw run, a SmackDown run as a tag team cause again, it is WWE. They may not think a lot of the cruiserweight division or smaller guys but I thought as I tag team, I said, 'I think we're a very formidable team together,' so we can wrestle whether it's Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode or the Street Profits or whoever. Any tag team, not just NXT, not just 205, but any tag team in WWE, I think me and Tony [would do good] in that situations," Daivari added.

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