Audio: Brie Bella Discusses Daniel Bryan's Possible In-Ring Return

Brie appeared on Lilian Garcia's podcast to talk about her husband's in-ring future.

Brie Bella recently appeared on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast, a preview clip of which can be found below:

During the interview, Brie talks about Daniel Bryan's desire to return to the ring, speaking about her husband's chances of wrestling again and the procedures he's undertaken to maximise the chances.

'From like, literally, the day they told him he couldn't do it anymore, he has flown himself all over the United States to all different doctors to figure out what he could do to help turn that "no" into a "yes". [...]There's been like eight doctors who are like '"You can wrestle". A lot of doctors can't see why he can't get in that ring again.'

Slightly later in the interview, Brie talks specifically about WWE, stating 'I think they're looking at it'. This isn't the most resoundingly optimistic take on his chances of coming back to a WWE ring, which mirrors Bryan's own thoughts from earlier this month. He claimed that while there was a high chance of him returning to wrestling in general, there was only a 15% chance of that return being in WWE.

Brie also touches upon the difficulties Bryan's hunger to wrestle again placed on their marriage, explaining 'He is on such a mission to get back into that WWE ring, it's crazy - which caused a lot of arguments in our marriage in the beginning, especially when I was pregnant.'

However, the pair seem to be on the same track now, with Brie telling Garcia 'Does it drive [me] crazy? No. You have to love someone's passion, and that's what he has - like, his passion is so strong for wrestling.'

Bryan's WWE contract ends in 2018, and if his desire to return is as strong as we all suspect, he could well be wrestling as early as next year. Cody Rhodes, when talking recently about the upcoming self-financed show ran by himself and the Young Bucks, stated that his dream main event opponent would be Daniel Bryan.

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