Sexy Star Appears To Shoot On Another Opponent

A second in-ring incident involving the controversial Mexican star has emerged.

Mexican wrestler Sexy Star - best known for her time in AAA and Lucha Underground - has again become embroiled in controversy for apparently 'shooting on' (legitimately attacking) an opponent during a match. This marks the second time the former Lucha Underground Champion has been involved in such an incident this year.


The incident took place at a show ran by Mexican company Promociones MDA, during a match between Star (wrestling under the ring name Sexy Dulce) and Diosa Quetzal.

Star's opponent appeared to hit her with a stiff kick, although some speculation online has suggested that this was merely Diosa's retaliation for prior stiffness earlier in the match, including this tweet from a man claiming to be ringside photographer at the event:


The kick seemed to instantly anger Star, who no-sold it and attacked Diosa with a flurry of seemingly legitimate punches and kicks. There have been murmurings that the whole thing was a work - as there are when most controversial incidents occur in wrestling - but the footage certainly seems to suggest that Sexy Star's blows are real.

As mentioned, she was embroiled in a very similar controversy earlier this year. At Triplemania, AAA's biggest annual event, she injured Rosemary's arm with a legitimate armbar. This caused a major backlash online, with wrestlers as well-known as Cody Rhodes and Road Dogg publicly criticising Sexy Star's actions.

No such notable figures have yet spoken out about this incident, although it's likely that if Star is indeed seen to be a repeat offender, she probably won't garner much support at all.

The wrestler herself has released an audio statement via her Twitter page, in her native language of Spanish:


The caption can be roughly translated as 'With respect...time and time again...the truth always comes to light, God bless.'

It therefore appears that Starr is taking a defiant stance with regard to the event, in a similar fashion to her actions in the wake of the Triplemania incident.

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