Backstage News On IMPACT Wrestle House 2 Taping

The bizarre Thanksgiving special aired last week

Last week’s Thanksgiving edition of IMPACT Wrestling saw a return to the bizarre Wrestle House, an event that saw mind control, time travel, and Hernandez thinking he was still in LAX with Homicide and Konnan.

An episode with so many moving parts would have required quite a lot of work and shoots to pull it off, and now a report from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson has detailed just how intensive the production was:

“Last week's Impact Wrestling episode was 100% based around Wrestlehouse 2. That was a gruelling shoot as everything was done over two days in Las Vegas. All the matches were shot on day one and then the second day was a LOOOOONG day as they had to shoot all the scenes, plus the multiple camera angles for the different reaction shots, etc. We are told it was a long, tiring shoot for everyone involved. If you are wondering why Ross Forman's voice sounded the way it did, he had lost it and even after production realised that, they decided it made the segments better as it was even weirder.”

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