Backstage News On Nic Nemeth's NJPW Appearance

Update on Dolph Ziggler appearing at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18

In a move no one expected, Nic Nemeth (FKA Dolph Ziggler) popped up in New Japan Pro-Wrestling at Wrestle Kingdom 18.

The former Dolph Ziggler was shown walking through the Tokyo Dome on January 4 with brother Ryan Nemeth prior to the Title vs. Title Match between El Phantasmo & Hikuleo and Bishamon. The Nemeth brothers were seated at ringside for the match and they remained close to the ring as Wrestle Kingdom 18 continued until David Finlay called out Nic after his Three-Way win to capture the IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship.

Finlay goaded Nemeth and a full-blown brawl broke out after a shove from Finlay. The brawl continued through the Tokyo Dome and to the back, eventually ending in front of members of the press backstage. Issa of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, who was in attendance at Wrestle Kingdom 18, revealed that Nemeth said he will wrestle and win the IWGP Global Heavyweight Title if NJPW book him in a match against Finlay. 

There had been no hints ahead of Wrestle Kingdom that Nemeth was scheduled to appear at the event and Cassidy Haynes of reported that Nemeth's appearance was "just as much a surprise backstage as it was for everyone else." One source said, "Where the f**k was he hiding?" while another stated they hadn't seen the former Dolph Ziggler before he appeared heading to ringside. 

Nemeth was previously a part of WWE from 2004 until his release in September 2023. His non-compete expired in December.

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