Backstage Reaction To Paul Heyman's WWE Hall Of Fame Speech

How did Paul Heyman's WWE HOF speech go down backstage?

Paul Heyman was the headline inductee at this past Friday's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, with 'The Wiseman' kicking off proceedings with a rousing speech that some within WWE are calling the greatest in Hall of Fame history. 

According to a report from SEScoops, Heyman was given a bit of 'free rein' to do and say what he wanted. Per the report, several members of WWE's creative team were told "We're inducting Heyman in Philly, and we know what the audience is going to want, and we're going to let Heyman give it to them".

Heyman mentioned Brock Lesnar during his speech, despite WWE seemingly trying to distance themselves from Lesnar after he was implicated in former WWE employee Janel Grant's lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and WWE. 

This was due to him having more leeway and he was apparently under no specific instruction not to mention Lesnar. Nobody backstage had anything negative to say when it came to Heyman talking about his former client. 

Paul 'Triple H' Levesque recently confirmed that Lesnar is still considered a part of WWE. 

Heyman's speech was praised backstage as "a master class in psychology" where "the ebb and flow of his promo resembled the structure of a public speech or rally unlike anything seen before in WWE".

The report also noted that the props Heyman used during his speech were legitimate.

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