Baron Corbin: I'd Rather No One Ever Kicks Out Of End Of Days Than Win The WWE Title

An interesting thought process from Corbin

Baron Corbin believes no one ever kicking out of his End Of Days finishing move would leave a greater legacy than winning the WWE Championship.

During an interview with BT Sport, Corbin was asked if he would rather retire with no WWE Title reigns under his belt but with no one kicking out of his End of Days finisher, or if he would rather win a WWE Title and have someone kick out of the finisher.

He responded: "Man, that is tough, and because it is… that’s an ultimate goal, is to win the big one. I've never had it. I’ve had a lot of accomplishments, which is wild, because of my list of accomplishments and never having held the World Title or the Universal Title.

"Man, that’s hard because I look at it and go, ‘OK, it would be cool to have in my trophy room I’m sitting in right now. Aside from the weird paintings on the wall, like I have my United States Championship on the wall, I have a Money In the Bank briefcase hanging from the ceiling, literally hanging from the ceiling in my trophy room. And so, it would be cool to have that on the wall, and my kids can see that. 

"But then talks about how many championships people like… I don’t know how many times Stone Cold was the World Champion or The Rock. You remember their moments and their career.

"And I think having a, let’s say I have a 12 year career and no one’s ever kicked out of End of Days, that’s something that would be talked about longer than championships, I believe. And I’m all about leaving that legacy, like I said. I want someone to go, ‘Oh man, Baron Corbin, he went 12 years, was never a good guy but his finish nobody ever kicked out of it.’

"They’re not gonna say, ‘He was a three-time champion or whatever.’ They’re gonna say, ‘I can’t believe he was never champion.’ It wouldn’t be a knock, so I think I’d have to go with no one ever kicking out of End of Days."

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