Bronson Reed Reveals His Goals Following WWE Release

Jonah Rock has big plans

Bronson Reed wants to prove that wrestlers can be successful outside of WWE following his release from the company. 

Amidst rumours of a possible main roster call-up, Reed was instead released by WWE in early August.

Speaking about what his future holds on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Reed admitted he has a lot of goals that he wants to accomplish. 

"I have a lot of goals. I still want to be active on American television, but not just that. I want to be in the wrestling world for, again, people back home to be able to watch. Media back home to be able to watch. It shows with the current direction that NXT and WWE have said they're going in with how they're hiring people, I think it sort of deflated a lot of people back home that are indie wrestlers that said 'hey, what do I do now? That was my goal.' And I want them to see there are other avenues that you can take and be successful, another way to do it. So that's my goal, to prove you can be very successful and not have to be in WWE," Reed said.

Where Reed will land next ultimately remains to be seen, but the former NXT North American Champion recently revealed that he is in talks with "the major promotions."

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