Jim Ross: Why Triple H Initially Disliked Chris Jericho In WWE

The Game and Y2J famously disliked one another

It’s no secret that there was genuine animosity between Triple Hand Chris Jericho during the Attitude Era. Two of the biggest stars in the company, the two didn’t get along backstage, but have since cleared things up.

On a recent edition of the Grilling JR podcast, former WWE Head of Talent Relations Jim Ross has given his own opinion on why The Game disliked Jericho:

“Triple H probably didn’t like him because he’s shorter and he’s a hell of a hand, and somebody’s gonna get to figure out what he’s all about,” said JR “I thought for a guy as smart as Paul Levesque [Triple H], and he is, and I saw he’s getting better from his heart issues, which is great. He’s so smart, hence why I named him the Cerebral Assassin on an entrance…”

Ross continued:

“There’s gotta be a motive there. There’s gotta be an agenda of some kind, Conrad [Grilling JR host Conrad Thompson], why Triple H would say that [Jericho needed to learn "the WWE style"], and I believe it was politically based. Now, he won’t agree with that.”

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