Baron Corbin Open To Defending His WWE King Of The Ring Title

Could the crown be officially put on the line?

For several years now, WWE’s King of the Ring has lost a lot of its lustre and has become somewhat of a cursed title. However, in the hands of King Corbin, the KOTR gimmick works, with Corbin garnering significant heat in his role as the King.

Recently, the King of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura has taken umbrage with Corbin, with the two embroiled in a tug-of-war over the crown, and now Corbin himself has said he’s open to defending the role on WWE television:

"I think everyone has had their eye on it, just like they do with a Championship title,” said Corbin on WWE’s The Bump “They want an opportunity, a chance, and they want to earn it. That's what the crown does to people. Then you have people who are cowards like Shinsuke who want to steal it. At least Xavier Woods wants to earn an opportunity to wear the crown. It's important to him and his career. I'm happy to make it a disappointment and a regret in his long career, that he came up short in something he really wanted.

“A tournament is what's necessary to wear the crown. If you want a shot, talk to somebody, cry to people, and get it set up. Xavier Woods, I would love to face him in the tournament. His dream will be cut short, but I'm happy to do it and defend it in the right circumstances.”

Adam Pearce has confirmed Corbin’s desire, Tweeting:

“I know that I have had many conversations with @BaronCorbinWWE on this very topic. Stay tuned.” 

There are no concrete plans from WWE regarding another King of the Ring tournament, and the concept itself has been used fleetingly since its 90s and 2000s heyday.

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