Stephanie McMahon Explains Recent WWE Digital Team Redundancies & Restructuring

WWE made significant lay-offs last month

Stephanie McMahon has opened up on WWE's decision to undertake a recent restructuring of the promotion's digital and television departments.

WWE laid off many employees last month across the company, particularly focusing on their digital, media and TV production teams. WWE Studios also reportedly saw very heavy cuts, while WWE's international departments saw significant numbers of staff lose their positions.

it was reported at the time that WWE was merging several departments into one, with Kevin Dunn heading up a new division in the promotion called 'WWE Media'.

Chief Brand Officer McMahon says WWE is in a 'process of transition' and had to make a business decision when it became apparent that multiple teams were effectively doing the same jobs.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance, McMahon said: "Like a lot of media companies, we're in the process of transition and evolution. 

"When you consider the fact that we had three different media teams doing the same work, we realized there was a lot of duplication and inefficiency. It's being more prudent business people and looking at our business in a different way."

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