Baron Corbin Recalls Kurt Angle's Kid Flipping Him The Finger After WWE WrestleMania 35 Match

One of Corbin's favourite matches

Baron Corbin has revealed that his favourite aspect of being Kurt Angle's retirement match in WWE was the Hall Of Famer's kid flipping him off. 

Corbin defeated Angle in the Olympic Gold Medallist's last match in WWE at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, and the former United States Champion has admitted that bout is one of his favourites because of the outpouring of hatred he received from the crowd.

Speaking to Ryan Satin of the Out Of Character Podcast about his favourite match, Corbin said: "Kurt Angle at WrestleMania because in his kid gave me the finger. I mean, amazing. Like the dirty look from his kid when I beat him in the middle of that ring.

"Also the outpouring boos of 80,000 people in Orlando, I'll never forget. So that was my favorite one. That's a monumental thing for a career, to not only step in the ring with Kurt Angle, a Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medallist, one of the most entertaining guys in the entire world, one of the guys that came in and just got it.

"He is a savant for what we do and he still has this amazing mind for what we do. Aguy that I really look up to now and before that, but just being at a table and catering and sitting and chatting with him and him telling you stories or whatever it is like he is a special person, and to go into WrestleMania when everyone in the world wanted him to face John Cena, not Baron Corbin — and in Chicago when he announced that, the guttural boos warmed my heart because it's like, I know I'm irritating.

"Just doing that in the match and like, just hearing it like — so to share a ring with him was special, especially at WrestleMania in a singles match where guys fight their whole career — you get two or three single matches unless you're Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, maybe Seth Rollins, you get one or two or three of those in a career, special one on one matches at 'Mania. That was one and the fact that he went out there and did that for me, I'll always be grateful. So that was a special one to do."

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