Tony Khan: 2021 Has Been A Great Year For AEW

Khan is delighted with the last year

Tony Khan has heaped praise on All Elite Wrestling's 2021, saying it's been a great year for his promotion across all metrics.

Khan notes that he had high expectations for his promotion going into this past year but feels he and roster have more than exceeded them, noting how well the television shows and four pay-per-views have performed.

Speaking on the Culture State Podcast, Khan said: "I had really high expectations and I think we’ve lived up to them and exceeded them.

"We’ve had so many great successes this year. We’ve hit high marks in attendance twice with Grand Slam and with The First Dance. So, great events that set our records in great markets, New York and Chicago. And those events were big landmarks – a record high for Rampage and a record high for attendance in both markets.

“For us to have such great growth in pay-per-view is really important too. The four biggest pay-per-views we’ve ever done were the four pay-per-views this year. The quarterly pay-per-views really were such a huge success this year. And the two biggest pay-per-views we’ve ever done were the last two, so it’s been a great year for AEW and I look forward to another great year."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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