Becky Lynch Believes Trish Stratus Will Be Back In WWE Again

Becky Lynch says she thinks Trish Stratus wants a WWE return

Trish Stratus made a return to WWE last year for several months in what was the closest to a full-time run that fans have seen since her initial retirement back in 2006. Following her feud with Becky Lynch which culminated with a defeat in a brutal Steel Cage match at Payback 2023, Stratus’ time in WWE looked to come to an end for the time being. 

On The Ringer Wrestling Show, Becky Lynch was promoting her new book "Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl”, and was asked about her match with Stratus. 

"I love that match. That's gonna go down as one of my favorite matches. One of the matches that I'm most proud of. I love that match. I felt very in it the whole time too. I think that's how I measure how good a match is, is how present I feel in it because you know, sometimes you're thinking about things because you have to think about a lot. It's easier to kind of get lost in the present tense of a match when it's on pay-per-view because you're not so beholden to advertisements and things like that. You have more freedom in that because usually you have to be thinking about break spots. You have to be thinking about going off air if you're in the main event on a TV show. With pay-per-view you get that freedom to breathe and enjoy and be present. That's one of those matches where I really felt in it. I really enjoyed it the whole time.”

When talking about Stratus’ future in WWE, Lynch revealed that she doesn’t believe the Hall of Famer has finished up just yet, “I think she wants to come back again."

Stratus did say earlier this year that if the circumstances were right, she’d be open to coming back to WWE for another run or match. 

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