Becky Lynch Cleared From Concussion, Not Yet Cleared From Fractured Nose

WWE TLC is less than two weeks away...

The reason Becky Lynch hasn't been able to get involved in anything physical since returning to WWE TV has been revealed. Dave Meltzer, in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is reporting that even though The Man has been cleared to return from the concussion she suffered as a result of the punch to the face from Nia Jax, she still hasn't been cleared to return from the fractured nose (or 'broken face' in WWE language) she also sustained from the blow.

Here's the full quote from this week's Newsletter: "The reason Lynch hasn’t worked house shows or done anything physical on television is that she also hasn’t been cleared as of press time.

"She was cleared from the concussion, but not from the nasal fracture. Concussions are the tricky ones, as you can’t predict clearance time, but for a broken nose, you can predict it better and the expectation would seem to be that they expect her cleared within the next 11 days. She has limited clearance at this point, so has been on television but was not allowed to be involved in any physical contact this week."

Lynch is scheduled to defend her SmackDown Live Women's Championship in the first-ever, historic, triple threat TLC match against old friend turned foe Charlotte Flair, and Asuka - a match that is just 10 days away now.

This will be the first match Becky has taken part in since defeating the debuting Nikki Cross on the SmackDown that took place in England on 6 November. The Man, of course, had her scheduled match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series cruelly taken away from her due to the injuries sustained at the hand of Nia Jax.

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