This Week's WWE Raw "Changed Dramatically" Due To George H. W. Bush Passing

Everything had to be 'happier'...

Vince McMahon reportedly wrote last week's episode of WWE Raw, which many have labelled one of the worst in the show's near 26-year history. Despite this, the boss seemingly didn't have his creative confidence knocked in any way, as he was reportedly at the forefront of everything we saw on this week's episode.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Vince took the reigns for Raw and changed parts to make it happier after the passing of President George H. W. Bush. Raw took place in Houston, Texas, a state with strong ties to Bush.

Here's the full quote from this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter regarding the changes made to the Raw card: "The show changed dramatically from what was scripted and this was again a very-heavy Vince McMahon show, where he wanted more happy storylines and endings, hence the finish of the show just being Rousey armbarring Tamina and faces over strong, and the surprise of Ziggler beating McIntyre, and only one heel win on the show kept, which was the AOP & Maverick over Roode & Gable 3-on-2.

"McMahon felt with the passing of George Bush and it being in Houston, and then honoring Bush at the outset, he wanted more faces over and less “heavy” heat than in recent weeks."

Raw has been all kinds of doom and gloom in recent weeks from a kayfabe standpoint, with heel GM Baron Corbin heavily involved in just about everything happening on the show. The self-proclaimed General Manager Elect has been booking himself in matches and changing stipulations when he pleases.

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