Bianca Belair Comments On Sasha Banks' Smile After WWE WrestleMania 37 Match

A video of Banks at ringside circulated after the show

Bianca Belair believes Sasha Banks understood the significance of the match and the moment after their WrestleMania 37 Night One Main Event, which is why she was captured on camera smiling. 

A video circulated on social media following Belair's SmackDown Women's Championship win over Banks at WrestleMania 37 of 'The Boss' propping herself up against the barricade, watching Belair celebrate her win and widely smiling. 

The moment captured Banks' happiness for her opponent and for the moment, and Belair believes the historical significance of what her and Banks did at 'The Showcase Of The Immortals' is why she was in such a positive mood.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes, Belair said: "I knew it was my time to showcase myself, but it's also Sasha Banks' legacy. She's done so much up until this moment and I want to leave a good stamp on her legacy and it's the beginning of my legacy.

"That moment was so much bigger than both of us. That's why she was able to smile and be happy at the end of the match. At the end of the day, I walked out as SmackDown Women's Champion, but no one lost that night. It was so much bigger than me and Sasha and becoming SmackDown Women's Champion because we were the main event and made history.

"No one really lost and I think that's why she was able to be happy. You couldn't ask for a better moment and a better stamp on your legacy. It could've been anybody and we were blessed that it was."

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